Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ten years ago I had what I thought was a great idea: a book of overheard conversation. Just funny snippets of things overheard on planes and in elevators and bars and from passersby on the street. I pictured it as one of those little stocking stuffer gift books, the kind you find in the front of the bookstore, next to those compilations of inspirational quotes about sisters and cats. I remember telling my husband about it on one of our first dates. You know, to show him how cool I was and all.

My agent at the time was meh, at best. So I promptly forgot all about it. Married the husband. Had two kids and all that.

But leave it to Twitter, right?

This weekend Paul Campanella posted two gems he overheard in Concourse D of the Atlanta airport: "I love me some damn babies," and "My parents' house in New Jersey is 56,000 sq feet."

And then today, Judy Clement Wall chimed in with something she'd overheard: "My life is the bastard child of Groundhog Day and Kafka."

In journalism, we like to say that three things make a trend. So this, my friends, is a trend. And, because it's 2010, what else does one do, but start a blog?

So welcome to "Overheard..." You can share any gems you hear with me at ioverheardit@gmail.com. And tell me where you heard it and, if you like, your name and website.

Can't wait to hear what you've heard.


  1. I'm so excited, this blog is going to be part of my weekly "Five Cool Things on Friday" post. And now "eavesdropping" can be an official item on my "things to do" list.

  2. Your agent sold you short: http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/

  3. Ah, Ted. Yes, was made aware of that.

    But just NY? Pshaw. Overheard is going to go for global domination in the overheard conversations market.

    And my agent continually sold me short. That's why I have a new one. :-)

  4. I'm going to have to start leaving my apartment and going places where there are other people so that I can try to overhear something interesting! {Will you provide bail when I get arrested for stalking?} LOVE this! dani